Leadership Advisory

EXEC‘s strategy is to develop partnerships with clients in order to generate long-term value in human resources. This provides differentiated services in the areas of Recruitment Selection and Human and Organizational Development.

To make a difference, we use the most in-depth and modern human resources techniques combined with the relevant vision of the industry, functional areas and cultural aspects.

We are set up to attend a small number of clients and projects so we can focus on highly complex assignments, always aiming to carry these out perfectly and with diligence during each step of the project.

  • Employer Branding

    We support companies to strengthen their employer brand, in order to position them differently, but true to its values and corporate culture, and provide a greater ability to attract, recruit and retain ideal employees. As part of this process, we also help in the creation of EVP (Employer Value Proposition).

    Process Review

    Despite the increasing number of internal structures of talent acquisition, little attention is given to the processes inherent to the area, an essential pillar for the proper functioning of any department, which has great impact on the employer company’s brand. We support our clients in the establishment or review of these processes, helping to make the attraction area even more strategic.

    Recruitment & Selection Workshop

    We believe that attracting and selecting the best talent translates into competitive advantage. Our workshops aim to enable participants to conduct efficiently the complete management of a selection process in order to attract, select and decide for hiring the best talent, aligned with the culture and organizational goals.

  • Positions and Salaries

    Having a well-defined position and salary structure that reflects the company's strategy and culture is a preponderant factor for the smooth running of any company. The lack of a policy can have great impact on the attraction, motivation, and retention of executives. We propose to create and review this process in a simple and pragmatic way.

    Variable Remuneration Policy

    The variable remuneration policy is often neglected by many companies and that in the long run can lead the organization to failure.

    In addition, it has a significant impact on corporate culture and exerts a strong influence on employee behavior. Our projects cover Short- and Long-Term Incentives and seek to align individual objectives with the organization's objectives and shareholders.

    Strategic Management of Performance

    The process of evaluation and performance management has been evolving and changing over the years very quickly. We believe and support companies in the design and implementation of a Strategic Performance Management process that is aligned with the company's strategy and culture and dialogue with all HR subsystems.

  • Assessment

    In order for professionals to achieve their best results, we believe it is essential that these executives know themselves in their essence, and that their managers and company have clarity and awareness of their main competencies and potential. Our assessment programs are intended to identify these skills in a systematic manner, technical, impartial and with extensive industry benchmark of our consultants.

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    Our program aims to provide support to professionals and entrepreneurs in the development of critical skills for success, either for the exercise of his current role as well as the full exercise of future roles in the organization. We operate in a very practical way preparing action plans together with the coachee so that he can exercise and consequently develop such skills on the working day.

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    Since its foundation, EXEC has had a success story in delivering customized HR projects. The partners' expertise and the partnership with expert consultants makes possible to offer a wide variety of solutions and high commitment to quality, linked to a personalized service and high level of interlocution.

    Among our solutions, we can present Compensation Survey, Top Team Alignment project, Leadership Training, Executive Search Training, and so on. All solutions are aligned with the mission, vision and values of the organization, generating an important cultural fit for the efficient achievement of the expected results.