With the purpose of "Impacting leaders who transform the world", EXEC sought support through global partnerships.

Check out some of our history:

With the purpose of "Impacting leaders who transform the world", EXEC sought support through global partnerships.

Check out some of our history:


Since 2013, EXEC has been part of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the leading global association of executive search and leadership development consulting companies, promoting high standards of ethics and quality in the segment.

AESC members are committed to the highest professional practices, acting in the best interests of their clients, candidates, the general community and our profession.

AESC also has the Blue Steps service. It develops and shares original, relevant and exclusive content aimed at the career management of senior management executives and advisors who seek to enrich their knowledge by staying on top of the leading market trends.


Rodrigo Forte, a co-founder of EXEC, is a member of the Councils of the Americas and Global of AESC and leader in Brazil, where he is responsible for several fronts, especially the partnership with Valor Econômico in the process of voting the best CEOs, Leaders and Advisors of Brazil, through the “Executive value award”, in which only consultancies associated with AESC vote.


EXEC is a member of Panorama, a global community with more than 400 leadership experts sharing expertise and experience to bring customers the best results.


The Panorama community seeks to work in various sectors and functions that it supports, always with passion, creativity and innovative thinking rooted in the entrepreneurial founders. The strong spirit of imagination, originality and curiosity are at the heart of our approach to finding and nurturing the best leaders, enabling our customers to adapt and grow.

The great advantage of being part of Panorama is the exchange of experiences and professional experiences with a global network of companies in Executive Search and Leadership Advisory, making our actions increasingly broad and exceeding the physical limits of borders, enabling jobs and activities in boutique concept worldwide.

30% Club

Reaffirming its commitment to gender equity in organizations, EXEC joined the 30% Club. This international organization seeks to stimulate gender balance at the highest levels of business, encouraging corporations to participate in the boards of directors.

Founded in 2010 by Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management in the UK, 30% Club encourages large companies to improve gender balance at the highest levels in business.

The 30% Club goal is to increase the percentage of women on boards of directors up to at least 30% of seats. The percentage was chosen because research shows that when a group reaches 30% of the total, it has the binding force necessary to exert real influence within the company.

“Our goal is to influence not only our current clients but dialogue with all companies, especially those listed on the stock exchange, showing that a greater participation of women at the top of organizations is a good deal for everyone” – Thaís Pegoraro, partner of EXEC.