The Team

EXEC brings together a team that is highly respected in the industry, through the combined executive and consulting experience of its directors and associates in different specialties and industries.

This team works in a highly collaborative environment with rich information and knowledge creation, supported by the most modern technology.

It is also a team strongly guided by values in accessibility, quality, ethics and a personalized service, and it is used to getting differentiated results in highly complex and relevant projects for our clients.

Advisory Board

We are supported by an advisory board composed of experienced executives, giving EXEC a high standard of management and corporate governance.

    Paulo Nigro
    Lilian Guimarães
    Fábio Póvoa
    Sérgio Bronstein
    José Roberto Lettiere


Carlos Eduardo Altona

Rodrigo Forte

Daniel Cunha

Fábio Cassab

André Freire

Camila Marion

Marcus Giorgi

Mariana Villalva

Juan Pablo Correa

Lúcio Daniel

Thais Pegoraro

Cintia Bortotto

Ricardo Welikson


Fabiana Góes

Luddie Oliveira

Carla Queiroz

Márcio Murakoshi

Sharleyne Queiroz

Júlia Melges

Thais Nather

Daniella Stuart