Diversity & Inclusion

EXEC has Diversity & Inclusion as its fundamental value. We continuously seek to keep our entire team of employees, candidates, and clients engaged in this topic.

The inclusion of Blacks, LGBTQI +, PCDs, Women, and other minorities (in the corporate world), makes a company more humane, prosperous, and profitable, a fact proven by research from a variety of respected institutions. 

Diversity is a journey seeking to integrate with this movement, EXEC established a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. We are doing our part with courage and perseverance. We need to ensure that the entire mapping, recruitment, and selection process is covered by candidates representing inclusion in the country. Also, being part of international organizations like AESC and Panorama allows us to be aligned with a global movement of inclusion in companies.

As a consultancy, EXEC is committed to enabling diverse, brilliant, and competent people to lead the fundamental transformation that we need so much today. We are confident that we are doing our part to accelerate this process, dedicating ourselves to actions and programs that involve our Executive Search, Board Services, and Leadership Advisory solutions.