Excellence and Code of Professional Practice

EXEC is a member of AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants) since 2013 and Rodrigo Forte, one of our partners, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Organization in the United States and is responsible for representing AESC in Brazil.

Members of AESC are committed to the highest professional practices, acting in the best interest of their clients, candidates, community and our profession.


AESC members conduct their activities with absolute integrity, being open, honest and trustworthy.


AESC members focus on customers' unique needs, delivering a high quality service and using rigorously results-driven methodologies.


AESC members are trusted advisors, exercising independent and objective judgment.

Diversity and Inclusion

AESC members value diversity in leadership. They seek the most qualified talents through unbiased search and evaluation.


AESC members always respect any confidential information entrusted to them by their clients and candidates.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

AESC members avoid conflicts of interest with clients and candidates. Where there is a potential conflict, members investigate and resolve this conflict.

EXEC is a consultancy committed to diversity and inclusion and we believe that together we can build a space of respect for everyone. For this reason, we signed the AESC Diversity Pledge. Check the Term below:

The AESC Diversity Pledge

We are CEOs representing leading executive search and leadership consulting firms around the world and we have come together to speak with one voice. As a profession, we are dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide and believe in the power of diverse talent and inclusive cultures.

We are proud to stand in support of our Black colleagues, clients, candidates, and the entire Black community. Actions that accelerate progress for Black leaders and the Black community will be a critical priority.

We share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination within our own organizations, with candidates and the clients we serve, and in our communities.

We pledge to use our collective voices and actions to help create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.



Each CEO who signs this pledge is committing to developing and deepening actions within their own firms. Our Guiding Principles will help inform firm-based actions which will accelerate a sustainable positive impact.


We commit to listen, engage, and learn so that we can do better both as employers and as trusted advisors. We will understand and leverage best practices to greatly enhance attracting and developing diverse talent for ourselves and our clients. We will work with our clients to identify leaders and assess them for their ability to create inclusive cultures where diverse talent thrives.


We will develop stronger and more diverse slates of candidates through robust research, outreach, and alliances. We will use our expertise to mentor diverse talent to raise their visibility and their success and will identify partnerships that allow us to engage more people, and thus have a greater impact.


We will advocate with clients to help them embrace best practices that further their diversity and inclusion efforts which, in turn, will enhance business results. We will contribute our time and our expertise to under-served communities to advance racial equity and economic empowerment and to fight for social justice.

To ensure that our voices are heard, and our impact is felt, AESC invites member CEOs across the world to sign on to our pledge and commit to action. We will display the names of each firm that signs on to this Pledge, Guiding Principles and commits to develop and deepen actions within their own firms.

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