Based on the premise that the company’s intellectual capital is its differentiating and competitive factor, aligning executives with corporate targets has become increasingly essential in generating value for the business. This is why coaching is so widely observed across the world as a development practice.

In the field of business, coaching is used as a method to assess and/or develop the skills required of an executive or entrepreneur for current or future positions. With this, they will become an increasingly effective leader, bringing in sustainable results for their organization. This is a modular, cognitive process based on practical and quite rational actions.

EXEC offers a range of EXECutive Coaching programs, all guided by methodologies and principles defined by some of the most renowned institutions in their fields: the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Brazilian Federation of Coaching (FCB).


Originally designed to monitor executives recruited by EXEC, this program is a product recommended to ensure that recently recruited or promoted professionals adapt better to their new organizational culture and/or the professional challenges associated with their new position, thereby minimizing risk and enhancing performance and success rates during transition.

Onboarding is an integral module of the EXEC Search methodology, but we can also offer this service to you for internal promotion or selection processes that are not carried out by us.


Devised to offer career guidance to executives in transition or interested in changing the course of their careers. This is an alternative to traditional outplacement programs, but is highly individualized and geared towards developing of skills and how to create a more effective strategy for placing and/or career planning.


This program provides support for professionals or entrepreneurs who wish to develop the vital skills for success, both in carrying out their current role as well as any future roles in the organization. We operate in a very practical manner, preparing action plans together with the coach so that they can work to develop these skills in their daily work routine.


  • Rodrigo Forte
  • Carlos Eduardo Altona
  • Daniel Cunha
  • André Freire
  • Fábio Cassab
  • Rodrigo Forte

    Rodrigo Forte

    Rodrigo Forte is an entrepreneur, consultant and executive with more than 20 years of experience in consulting companies, having founded, developed and led two of the most important search and development operations of executives in Brazil.

    A founding partner of EXEC and a career in Human Resources since 2001, Rodrigo was one of the first executives to work with specialized recruitment in Brazil. Throughout his career, Rodrigo has led several contracting, remuneration, training and development projects for Brazilian companies and multinational reference in their sectors, always in a role of advising their clients and executives involved. Rodrigo has a law degree from PUC / SP and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from FGV / SP, as well as a Coaching training course from ICI - Integrated Coaching Institute since 2009 and from the IBGC - Brazilian Institute of Governance Corporate. He is also a board member in the US and the leader in Brazil of the world's leading association of senior executive recruitment and leadership development consultants, AESC, founded in 1959 and based in New York.

  • Carlos Eduardo Altona

    Carlos Eduardo Altona

    Carlos Eduardo Altona is an executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, having held leadership positions in important technology companies and one of the largest global Human Resources consultancies.

    Partner-Founder of EXEC, Cadu is one of the most experienced HR consultants in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has led various recruitment, remuneration, training and development projects for national and multinational companies in their sectors.

    Certificate in Coaching since 2009 through the methodology of I.C.F. (International Coaching Federation), Cadu counts more than 700 hours in executive and career coaching processes. Graduated in Business Administration from Mackenzie, and with an MBA from IBMEC, he also holds a Training Course for Management Advisors from IBGC. Cadu also serves as a counselor, lecturer and professor of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • Daniel Cunha

    Daniel Cunha

    Daniel Cunha is an administrator of companies with an emphasis on marketing by ESPM and a post-graduate degree in business administration from FGV-SP. His career base was developed over more than 10 years dedicated to the management of products and services in the financial market, with operations in BankBoston / Bank of America and Citigroup.

    Daniel has been working in the Recruitment and Executive Selection market since 2004, with a long transition from a large multinational to an Executive Director. Daniel is a Managing Director of EXEC and in his career has already conducted relevant Recruitment and Succession projects for the largest organizations in the country. His training as a "Coach" was based on the methodology of the ICF - International Coach Federation.

  • André Freire

    André Freire

    André Freire is a Civil Engineer from the School of Engineering Mauá, with an MBA from FGV and a Specialization in Management from the Kellogg School of Management (USA) and from People Management by INSEAD (France). She is certified in Executive Coaching by SBC. Prior to joining EXEC, he was a partner and CEO of the Brazilian office of British consultancy Odgers Berndtson. Previously, he had an upward career in the industrial sector, having served as president for Latin America of the Gilbarco-Veeder Root and Terex Corporation companies. André is a member and director of the São Paulo chapter of the YPO - Young Presidents Organization and Adviser of Administration of two private national companies.

  • Fábio Cassab

    Fábio Cassab

    Fábio Cassab is an administrator formed by PUC / Campinas and post-graduate in marketing from Universidade Paulista. His career base was developed in the areas of operations and business in large multinational industries.

    His work in human resources began in 2009, with his entry into the Brazilian operation of one of the largest multinational companies in the sector of recruitment and selection of executives, where he led the practices of engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and civil construction. Partner-Director of EXEC, Fábio is one of the main executives working with specialized recruitment in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has led several contracting projects for national and multinational companies in their sectors.