Special services in executive recruitment and selection

The job market has significantly changed in the last years. Technology, for example, improved the capacity of companies to access data about different professional profiles.

EXEC understands that offering a personalized product portfolio to each client is a differentiation factor and raises the quality of our services.

EXEC offers different types of recruitment and selection services:

Specific Recuitment and Selection Projects

EXEC brings together a reference team in its sector, through combined executive and advisory experience of its directors and associates in different specialties and sectors. This team works in a rich environment of collaboration, information and knowledge generation, supported by the latest in technology applied to recruitment.

EXEC develops talent attraction and selection programs in a highly customized way.

In all projects there is the direct action of a partner and all candidates hired by EXEC participate in coaching sessions to ensure the success of their integration into the company’s culture.

Market and Competition Mapping

EXEC understands that Market Mapping Projects are interesting alternatives for conducting benchmark studies, evaluating the organizational structure to be designed or to identify potential candidates in the market capable of meeting the company’s expectations.

Prospecting tools:

  • Strategic mapping of market and potential candidates: hunting in target companies.
  • Own database, specialized by industry and discipline.
  • Public databases, websites and virtual business communities.
  • Indications of candidates from the networking of our Consultants.
  • Indications made by our customers.

Finalists Assessment

Aiming at increasing the success rate in the desired hirings, we carry out projects for the evaluation and validation of finalist candidates, already identified by the client. We use a mix of Assessment, Recruitment and Selection techniques.

This is an excellent cost-effective alternative for situations in which the company wants an independent and specialized opinion on the feasibility of hiring previously identified potential candidates.

Talent Radar

EXEC develops talent attraction and selection programs in a highly customized way. These programs aim to proactively build pipelines of talent mapped and selected as finalist candidates for permanent or future hiring demands, especially in situations of succession gaps, recurrence of hiring of the same profile, hiring planning in function of new business and/or investments, among others.

Through a dedicated core of consultants and researchers, we map, evaluate, and periodically indicate professionals aligned with the project goal during a pre-determined period.