EXEC joins the 30% Club

EXEC, a leading Brazilian consultancy in the selection of executives for senior management and leadership programs, has taken another important step in its commitment to gender equity in organizations. The agenda, which since its foundation guides its activities, gains breadth with the adhesion to the 30% Club, an important international organization whose objective is to stimulate a greater participation of women in the organizations' Boards of Directors.

The 30% Club, which today has representatives in Hong Kong, East Africa, the United States, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland and Brazil, was founded in 2010 by Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment Management at United Kingdom, to deal with the lack of dedication of large companies to improve the gender balance at the highest levels in business.

The goal of 30% Club through its code of conduct is to increase the percentage of women on the boards of directors to a minimum of 30% of seats. The percentage was chosen, as research shows that when a group reaches 30% of the total, that group has the critical strength necessary to exercise real influence within the company.

Every member of the 30% Club undertakes to strictly follow the voluntary code of conduct “Executive Search” promulgated by the institution, which has, among other premises, to encourage the support of the boards of the companies in which they work to join the program, as well as to define goals for progress, monitoring and reporting on the effective insertion of the project and obtaining satisfactory results from the growth of gender equality in that environment.

For EXEC partner Thaís Pegoraro, EXEC's participation in the 30% Club reinforces the consultancy's principles of acting concretely for the development of female leadership in organizations. "Our goal is to influence not only our current customers, but to dialogue with all companies, especially those listed on the stock exchange, showing that greater participation by women at the top of organizations is a good deal for everyone," he says.

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