Fábio Sant’Anna

He holds a degree in Chemistry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, an MBA in Finance and Business from Ibmec, a specialization in HR strategy from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Business Administration – Diversity, Inclusive Culture and Career from Mackenzie University.

Carioca, he learned from an early age with his parents to trust his potential, work hard and always respect people, regardless of their differences. He loves to play sports, study and travel with his family. Fábio is married and has four children.

The executive started to work at the age of 18 in a factory, in operational roles and developed his career in organizations such as AmBev, Vale, Votorantim Cimentos, Dotz and Alliar, acquiring experience in various sectors of the economy, such as beverages, mining, railway logistics, construction, loyalty in retail and health, in companies of different sizes and experiencing the regional peculiarities of Brazilian culture in the various regions where he lived.

Fábio is responsible for the People, Diversity and Inclusion Department of the Arcos Dorados Brazil Division and his main missions are to lead the evolution of “service cooling”, contributing to the consolidation of an increasingly inclusive organization, generating more social impact and maximizing the employee engagement with innovative people management practices.


Currently, Fábio is part of the Advisory Board of EXEC.

Fábio Sant’anna Conselho Consultivo EXEC

EXEC’s Advisory Board

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high management and corporate governance standard.


A team based on ethical values,
accessibility and innovation.

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