Carlos Eduardo Altona

Cadu Altona has over 20 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur, having held leadership roles at leading technology companies and at a global consultancy before co-founding EXEC in 2009.

Cadu is one of the most experienced HR consultants in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has interviewed more than 18,000 professionals and coached more than 90 executives, in addition to having acted as a leadership development consultant for leading companies in their sectors.

Graduated in Business Administration from Mackenzie, and with an MBA from IBMEC, he is also trained as a Board Member by IBGC.

Currently, Cadu Altona is a Founding Partner of EXEC and also serves as an advisor, speaker and teacher.

Carlos Eduardo Altona Sócio-Fundador EXEC

EXEC’s Advisory Board

Experience and credibility that generate
high management and corporate governance standard.


A team based on ethical values,
accessibility and innovation.

Board of Directors


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