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Hiring for high positions rises 7% in the region of Campinas

Source: CBN

The hiring of executives for leadership positions in the Campinas region grew by 7%. The data take into account the 12-month period between March 2017 and 2018 and have been recorded in all industry segments.

The survey is from Exec, a consulting firm specializing in the selection of senior executives. For one of the partners, Daniel Cunha, the index not only indicates the return of investment, but can generate even more job vacancies.

For him, as new hires take up command positions, the chance of restructuring in the sectors they respond to is great and so there is also a chance of opening up opportunities in lower functions.

Professionals in the commercial area pulled the line between hirings in 2017 and ranked first among the profiles most sought after by companies: 24% of vacancies. Next is the finance area, with 15.2% of the charges.

The balance also has engineers with industrial profile, 14.5%, and logistics, purchasing and operations executives, 9.3%. But the partner of the consulting firm sees another result as evidence of a recovery of the market throughout the region.

That's because the index of new positions reaches 25% currently, which makes Daniel Cunha compare the numbers with the pre-crisis moment. According to him, 2008, for example, was the last year the indexes were so positive.

Among the positions analyzed by Exec between 2016 and 2017, 70% refer to replacement and 30% to job creation. In 2016, replacements exceeded 85%, which proves the opening of new positions in the last 12 months.

Parallel to this, wages in the corporate environment once again grew in Campinas and the region after four consecutive years of decline. The increase is 15.3% compared to 2016. In comparison with 2015, it reaches 22.5%.